14 Jul

Memorable Wedding Menus by the Chef Paolo Cappuccio

We have worked hard during the last months to improve your experience at Hotel degli Ulivi and to give you something new and unique.
We want to share with you our great news: the partnership with a great and excellent chef: Paolo Cappuccio.

Chef Paolo Cappuccio: Consultant for Special Events

Paolo Cappuccio is a great chef and he is giving us consulting services for designing special menus for your weddings and special events. His five main ingredients are “Passion, Technique, Precision, Research, Flavour”, seasoned with a hint of Mediterranean craziness.
On one hand, Paolo Cappuccio his work comes from continuous research, on the other hand he always tries out new combinations. His menus are really special and you will astonish your beloved guests with unique food and unusual flavours.

Weddings and events: Memorable Menus and a Great Place

We want to improve the wedding or event experience at Hotel degli Ulivi.
Hotel degli Ulivi is the ideal wedding venue to host an indoor or outdoor wedding.
Your event will be tailor-made to your specific requirements, with special attention being given to the small details that make a difference, such as a special menu.
We provide everything you need for your big day: get in touch with us for further information.