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13 Aug

Traveling in Basilicata, Visit Small Towns, Parks and Beaches

Basilicata boasts dozens of attractions and landmarks, it is home to thousands of acres of green space for urban adventurers to enjoy. You’ll also find several attractions dotted across Basilicata that afford dizzying panoramas.

Hotel degli Ulivi is really close to Basentana, one of the main roads that goes through the whole region. So you can use our hotel for leaving and coming back after a short trip within easy reach of the Hotel.

Small Towns

We highly recommend taking a short trip visiting some of the picturesque villages close. Basentana road gives you quick access to the surrounding counties, countryside, and coastline. If you drive North, you can reach Miglionico, a very cute village. There is the Malconsiglio Castle that is the main attraction of the village. Then a visit to Tricarico offers a perfect picture of the peculiar inland thanks to its Arabian neighborhoods: la ‘Rabatana’ e la Saracena.  

If you go in the opposite direction to the south on the Basentana you will enjoy the dizzying ‘calanchi’ panorama and visit some cute villages such as Pisticci and its old neighborhood, Craco called the ghost town, Tursi and the Sanctuary of Anglona built up on a hill, and Aliano well known thanks to Carlo Levi.  


Gallipoli-Cognato Park and Small Dolomiti

Gallipoli-Cognato Park is perfect for those who love mountains and spend time hiking, discovering places and filling lungs with fresh air. It can easily be reached from the hotel by car.

This protected green space is a brilliant place to unplug while enjoying some of the country’s most spectacular scenery, such as Dolomiti Lucane and their dizzying panoramas, and visiting some of the picturesque villages, such as Accettura or Castelmezzano and Pietrapertosa. Here you can also enjoy the “Volo dell’angelo”: a steel cable suspended between the tops of two small towns, Castelmezzano and Pietrapertosa, let you make and live a unique experience. If you are interested in this amazing ‘fly’ we suggest you buy your ticket. 


Ionic Coast and Magna Grecia Area

If you love the sea and beaches, fill your lungs with salty sea air on a ramble around the Ionic coast, which takes in the three historic coastal towns of Metaponto, Scanzano and Policoro. You’ll be able to choose between walking along the promenades at beach level or visiting archaeological museums and sites that collect finds from the great Magna Grecia

Reserve your stay at Hotel degli Ulivi and enjoy Basilicata

Photo credit: Basilicatanelcuore