Escursioni e tartufi in Basilicata - Hotel degli Ulivi
13 Dec

Hunting for Truffles in Basilicata Woodland

You read correctly, there are places where you can source, hunt and forage for truffles in Basilicata.
All around our land there is an abundance of places where those truffles are hiding, and all you need to find them is a little information, a ‘hunter’ and some sheer determination.
There are many places to find truffles in Basilicata, and we are sure that hunting for truffles is also a good way to know this amazing region.

Truffles in Basilicata

Truffles are a cook’s dream! In Basilicata there are different kinds of truffles, all of them are great.
The best way to locate truffles is to find some local forests and head to trekking and truffle specialists that know all the details of the places and secret hiding places of truffles.

Reserve your stay at Hotel degli Ulivi and don’t miss the opportunity to tramp happily through the woods hunting for truffles in Basilicata.