Piccoli eventi in una location speciale  Hotel degli Ulivi
3 Mar

Intimate and small events at Hotel degli Ulivi

Hosting an intimate event does not make your event any less unforgettable.
An extraordinary event is not dependent on the number of guests you are hosting. It is about creating the most incredible experience for every single one of your guests through a combination of amazing location, thoughtful touches and your personal attention.

Hotel degli Ulivi, amazing location

Designing an event for smaller guest numbers is the perfect opportunity to indulge your guests in experiences which simply wouldn’t be possible for larger numbers.
An intimate event gives you the chance to really have some fun and get creative with the catering. Sharing and enjoying food with friends is one of the most bonding experiences we have as human beings.
A small event permits you to seat your guests all together and create intense levels of connection between you and your guests.

To ensure that your event remains etched in your guests’ memories for years afterwards, focus on the details and make them personalized to each of your guests as much as possible.

Here at Hotel degli Ulivi, we are specialists in the creative design and management of luxury intimate events in our exceptional location.
We are huge fans of intimate events too, it is a further opportunity for us to work with you to create an experience which is exclusive and exceptional in every way.
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